Quick & Easy Garage Door Repair Livonia MI

Spring & Opener Repairs & New Door Installation




We provide professional garage door repair in Livonia, MI, whether you need spring or opener replacement or new door installation, we do it all with 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.

When picking the right company. There’s quite a bit more involved than choosing any other home improvement contractor for the simple fact an improperly serviced garage installation or repair can be dangerous on the homeowner.

That’s why we recommend you check all references, testimonials, licenses and insurance, and read your contract thoroughly before you agree to pay to have any work completed. This process should not be done in a hurry if you expect quality garage door work completed in a timely manner.

First, we’re going to share information about our most common service – overhead garage door spring repair.

Next, we’re going to give you information you can use to help you find the best garage door installation company and why we are not only one of the best in our field, but the most affordable.


Garage Door Spring Installation – Do’s and Don’ts


The most common repair we’re called to service are garage door springs for the simple fact that they are built to last approximately 10,000 cycles (for example: if it goes up and down once, that’s one cycle). So the duration on how long springs can last depends on how often the door is used.

Although we understand the temptation behind replacing door springs yourself to save extra money in labor costs, we want to caution you that an inexperienced do-it-yourselfer could potentially cause serious harm to himself and/or others around him.

A professional company like us knows how to spot the tell-tell signs of a bad spring, faulty springs or poor replacement job. It pays to have the springs installed correctly the first time without potential hazards.

For example, if the springs are getting bad, what typically happens as you try to open your garage door and it only goes up a few inches, sometimes a foot, is that it immediately stops and comes back down.

It does this because one of the springs are broken and the weight is too great for just one of them left intact to pull such heavy weight back up on its own.

We don’t recommend not replacing your own springs because it keeps us in business, but for your own safety. In order to properly replace a spring you have to not only have the right tools, but the right spring, experience and know-how to make sure it’s installed. You have to wind the springs with winding bars and, if you don’t know what you’re doing that spring can easily get away from you causing a revolving steel mechanism to snap back and cause severe bodily injury, often times losing fingers in the process.

Lastly, after your springs are professionally replaced we recommend keeping them lubed with our quality oil recommendations to keep the moving parts in addition to the spring hinges lasting for years to come. Failure to care for and maintain your garage door, especially in the winter months, will cause your garage to malfunction sooner.



Our Recommended New Garage Door Installation Options


Aluminum – these are similar to our steel door options except they weight (and cost) much less. However, they lack the natural insulation steel doors do and dent much easier. However, aluminum is quite popular with our customer base because not only are they the least expensive garage door purchase for the home, they have a very long lasting finish that doesn’t rust as easily as steel or rot as quickly as wood.

If, however, you really like the wood finish but don’t want the maintenance involved with wood doors, we have faux wood texture that can give it that wood look and feel without as much hassle or costly repairs.


Fiberglass – these door models are made by encasing aluminum frames with fiberglass panels. They can be painted to match the homes color scheme and can for most models be more resistant to dents, scratches and damage compared to the more costly steel door options. Also, fiberglass is remarkably lightweight making them easy to open and close.

On the other hand, this lightweight design significantly decreases it’s insulation. Thus, we don’t typically recommend fiberglass to customers here unless it is a standalone garage. If it’s a garage attached to your home it can cause your heat bill to rise more than normal and be susceptible to the elements for sustained exterior damage.


Insulation — depending on the brand and model door you decide to have installed, some come with different degrees of insulation. Generally, homes with garages attached, a high-quality insulated door will prevent heat from escaping and cold air from intruding (or cool air from escaping and warm air for intruding during the summer months) while lowering your overall heating and cooling costs significantly.


Wood Composite — If you want a wood garage door without the hassle of owning one, you can always opt for a faux option that has the look and feel of wood but has the strength of steel.

Garage doors made from wood composite materials can be painted and stained like real wood doors to match the desired color scheme and style of your home.

Other garage door options we offer are wood, steel and vinyl.

One final note, when it comes to emergency after-hour or weekend services for damaged or a poorly functioning garage door, we encourage you to inquire with us about such services beforehand so if anything were to happen you’re prepared in advance to handle the situation.

In conclusion, we are rated highly as one of the top repair and installation professionals in Michigan. Don’t take our word for it. We have dozens of testimonials of happy customers to back up our claims. So don’t delay in giving us a call today!